I just wanted to send you an email on behalf of my father and I for how awesome of a show you guys put on on behalf of your son. My father/family and I go to probably about 15-20 shows a year and we were so happy and had such a great time at your show. There are so many shows now that we have stopped going to because they don’t have that “mom and pop/small town feel” to them anymore and have been taken over by car show promoters/business’s and/or none of the proceeds go to charity and honestly those shows suck in my opinion. They lack the feel of what you and your family and friends brought yesterday.  I think its very heart warming that you have a show in memory of your son as well as multiple charities that you and your family stand for so that he will live on forever.
We will definitely be back next year and although I am not involved with businesses’ etc if you need any help etc I would be glad to help you in the future. The cars we had were a black 96 SS impala and a 92 teal camaro with flames on it.  Thank you SO much again for what you did yesterday and please do not stop doing what you have done.